Sunday Feb 27, 2022

How to Live Like a Stoic for a Year with Massimo Pigliucci and Gregory Lopez

I get to talk with Massimo Pigliucci and Gregory Lopez, authors of "Live Like a Stoic" (UK edition) and "A Handbook for New Stoics" (USA edition). 



Stoic Salon member, Sofia Koutlaki, has invited us all to join her to "Live Like A Stoic" for a year with this book as our guide and on our first group check-in of the year, the authors have joined us to answer our questions. Their answers are incredibly insightful and practical. We share them with you here. 

Join us here if you'd like to work through the book with a group. Join us anytime throughout the year no matter where you are in the book. Sign up here: 

⏰   Chapters ⏰  
00:00 Welcome to The Stoic Salon Podcast
00:15 Musical intro
00:29 Introducing The Stoic Salon's commitment to Living Like A Stoic for a Year with Massimo and Greg's book, a journey led by Sofia Koutlaki. 
03:00 Welcoming Stoic Salon members and Massimo and Greg to the first check-in of the year.
04:55 First question to Sofia Koutlaki: Brief rationale, why you, why this book, why do this together in the Stoic Salon community.
06:57 First question to Massimo and Greg: How should we work with the book. What transformation can we expect after a year?
07:38 Massimo answers the above question
10:03 Greg answers
12:30 Since writing the book, what (if anything) has persisted as a daily practice for you? (Scott Bennett)
12:46 Greg tells us about his practice
15:32 Massimo tells us about 5 exercises he does
19:26 What would Massimo and Greg do - real-life scenario No. 1: how to respond to a bully in the workplace
22:07 Greg tells us what he would do in response to the above scenario
29:29 What would Massimo and Greg do - real-life scenario No. 2: how to respond to someone being abused on public transport
30:43 Massimo tells us what he would do in response to the above scenario
37:41 Jerry Everard asks about taking another person’s perspective
39:43 Greg answers Jerry's question
40:57 Massimo answers Jerry's question
44:00 Michelle asks a question about the emotions
45:24 Massimo answers Michelle's question
49:08 Greg answers Michelle's question
51:04 Scott Bennett's question: What are your thoughts on using Stoicism to focus more on benefiting others in the cosmopolis (family, friends, people in our society, the world at large), and as less of a solipsistic self help philosophy? 
52:09 Massimo answers Scott's question
54:20 Greg answers Scott's question
56:10 Hanneke asks about the war in Ukraine: What do you think would be the proper Stoic way to look at the war Putin started so aggressively?
58:03 Massimo answers Hanneke's question
1:02:13 Greg answers Hanneke's question
1:06:16 Thank you to Massimo Pigliucci and Gregory Lopez

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