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We meet in a flourishing virtual café. We chat about life, love, work, play, the universe, and Stoicism.

In this podcast, writer, educator, and gentle, joyful Stoic, Kathryn Koromilas chats with leading Stoics and the Stoic curious.

The vibe

A flourishing virtual café.

The rules

Personal tangents are encouraged and celebrated!

The focus

From flow to flourish: The Stoic concept of flow, of living in agreement with nature, as a way of flourishing in life.

The guests

As co-organiser of the first-ever Stoicism conference celebrating women, Practical Paths to Flourishing, I am excited to chat with our inspirational Stoic speakers who will take part on June 5, 2021. For more information, visit https://pathstoflourishing.org/

The acknowledgements

Thanks to Donald Robertson, How to Think Like a Roman Emperor, for the encouragement to start this.

The host

Hi, I'm Kathryn Koromilas. I'm a creative writer, a teacher & a gentle, joyful Stoic!

I'll help you reignite your creativity, reimagine your purpose, & use ancient wisdom to thrive.

I am a creativity and curiosity coach and my work is founded on the principles of Stoic philosophy, positive psychology, vegan living, joyful play, and the importance of narrative in shaping identity, clarifying purpose, and achieving happiness in the present moment.

Contact me for a bespoke play date. https://kathrynkoromilas.com/

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