I get to talk with Jennifer Baker about tragedy, economy, marketing, business, death, laughter, Stoicism and lots more.



Jennifer Baker teaches Stoic ethics at the College of Charleston and writes on how to apply Stoicism to contemporary ethical issues in life and in fields like economics.

She is the author over two dozen articles in philosophy and co-editor of Economics and the Virtues for Oxford University Press. She is working on a book manuscript on economics and moral indifferents.


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00:00 Welcome to The Stoic Salon Podcast

00:25 Introducing Dr. Jennifer Baker

02:38 Jennifer's path to Stoicism, Aristotle, Nussbaum, Julia Annas, the Tragic

13:37 Do the Stoics have an account of the tragic?

17:00 Death: "I think people are bad in this subject!"

18:43 What would the news be like is we were all Stoics? 21:18 Economy, a Stoic economy? Money, Budgeting. Markets. Marketing products. Adam Smith.

44:17 Jennifer Baker's forthcoming book: Economics and Moral Indifferents. Business Ethics. Morality in the market since ancient times.

44:50 "Of course, I think the Stoic option is the best."

49:25 Are your children fans of Stoicism?

50:27 Age and Stoicism. Congenital Stoicism. Natural Stoicism.

54:00 Laughter Jennifer Baker is speaking about The Power to Care: How a Stoic approach to life helps in raising children and care-taking 🌿 Stoicon-x Women: Practical Paths to Flourishing 2021 🌿


Jennifer argues that: I argue that a stoic approach to life helps in raising children and care-taking for five reasons: it keeps one from being selfish while being assertive, it encourages to "say no" to unpromising commitments and identities, it regards ethics as active and a comprehensive check on your choices, encourages joy and helps one to prepare for loss and crises.

Connect with Jennifer on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jennifer.baker.35325074

Read her articles on Psychology Today: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-love-wisdom

Jennifer recommends approaching Stoicism via Julia Annas' The Morality of Happiness. https://amzn.to/3bNm8cH

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