I get to talk with Sharon Lebell about Stoicism, women, duty, meaning and more.

For over 25 years Sharon Lebell’s international bestseller, The Art of Living: The Classical Manual on Virtue, Happiness, and Effectiveness, has inspired philosophy lovers and the modern Stoicism movement.

A modern interpretation of Epictetus’ teachings, it is a perennial classic cherished as a daily spiritual guide for readers from all walks of life.



0:00 Welcome to The Stoic Salon Podcast

0:11 Musical intro

0:26 Introducing today's guest: Sharon Lebell

3:38 Sharon enters here. "We've had a date with destiny."

4:10 Setting tone for beginning the conversation; interested in the personal, Stoic concept of flow, and story of before Stoicism and the meeting of Sharon and Stoicism.

5:24 What was the "Before Stoicism" for you, Sharon?

6:00 Always interested in the "Big Questions."

7:00 "Being a human being is really hard."

8:45 Buddhism & the fruits of a contemplative life

9:03 From Buddhism to Stoicism

10:16 The language of virtue in Stoicism

10:20 Sharon's encounter with Stoicism

13:00 Stoics in philosophy textbooks and academia for Sharon and me

14:58 Sharon asks me about my encounter with the Stoics

17:47 Is Stoicism easier when you get older

19:17 Stoicism's imperative to trust yourself. Choice. Responsibility.

25:50 Seneca's "If you wish to be loved, love." Love.

31:50 The quintessential female burden with regards being loved, to matter 31:52 The gender issue. Stoicism and the female experience. Refinement. Feelings. The messiness of life.

40:29 Important for females to have a loud voice within Stoicism, philosophy generally, and within the world because in touch with the fragility of everything.

42:12 I talk about Seneca's letter to Lucilius on anger and about why we don't learn Stoicism once and for all but instead keep having to work on it.

45:33 Sharon asks me "What do you think Stoicism is for?"

46:43 Rumination and writing practice

48:03 I ask Sharon "What do you think Stoicism is for?

49:03 The fundamental problem of being a human being - no evident meaning. And Stoicism's invitation.

51:10 My story about choosing philosophy.

51:12 Falling in love with Marcus Aurelius's Stoicism, via Pierre Hadot and Gregory Hays. And beginning a discussion of creativity.

55:33 Creativity & Stoicism, Piotr Stankiewicz's book & Sharon talks about duty

58:49 For Sharon, the link between Stoicism and creativity is "Duty."

1:02:01 Sharon plays music!

1:05:00 Sharon continues her thoughts on a duty to create, to make, to use the media we are given.

1:06:00 Thanks and endnotes

1:09:00 Hugs, goodbyes, and musical outro .

Sharon Lebell www.sharonlebell.com .

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