I get to talk with Eve Riches about life, emotions, disability, laughter, sex, & Stoicism.

Eve Riches is a mentor and teacher working across disability employment support, Stoicism and Psychology teaching, mentoring looked after children and promoting disability equality.

She is particularly focused on improving emotional resilience and applying Stoicism to everyday life.

Eve runs a monthly Stoicism online learning group as well as a research project with the Modern Stoicism organisation, where she is a steering committee member and she is also an advisor to the Aurelius Foundation.

She is speaking on compassionate self-care and caring for others at Stoicon-x Women: Practical Paths to Flourishing 2021: https://pathstoflourishing.org/

She co-founded, with Brittany Polat, Stoicare.com: stoicare.com


0:00​ Welcome to The Stoic Salon Podcast

0:11​ Musical intro

0:26​ Introducing today's guest: Eve Riches

3:26 Eve's path to Stoicism

11:37 Two paths to Stoicism: youth/age

17:07 The Stoics at university: meeting the Stoics in psychology class

24:05 Stoic/stoic

25:53 Stoic theory of emotions

51:01 Stoic care Stoicare.com. Women, roles, burnout, self-care. Volunteering - duty with temperance

1:10:00 Marcus Aurelius's challenges versus women's challenges

1:11:50 Being a Stoic parent, life is hard and complex

1:18:10 Marcus Aurelius is funny and would have been a great dad

1:22:07 Seneca's letter writing

1:38:40 Sex

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